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TOMAWOK-part II Live Report !!!     news du 26 October 2006

October 14th, TOXXIC TOYZ had the great pleasure to start the second day of the festival TOMAWOK Part II to the Nikaia 700.

First of all, a very beautiful scene, with sink and bluish atmosphere.

At once, we are impressed by the new logo, which decorates the two large cases superbly.

Then, it’s started for six pieces:

    • Magic kingdom
    • Killing Dreams
    • Mistify
    • Broken mirror
    • Leave me
    • Evils faces

TOXXIC TOYZ is concentrated, ready, and decided well to assure. They play their songs impaccably, in front of an attentive public, whose part discovered the group for first time.

Six songs quickly passed, and it is already the end. But it was so good!!!

TOXXIC TOYZ still thank the organizers to have trusted them, and giving them the possibility of being expressed on a very beautiful scene.

TOXXIC TOYZ also thank their public for their support and their fidelity.

To see photos of this magnificent moment, [click here > http: // www.toxxictoyz.com / / tox_album.php? Id_rubrique=35].


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