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10th Musical Spring Festival report     news du 19 May 2006

News flash - celebrating the 10th Spring Music Festival which was held on Saturday 13th May at Mouans Sartoux.

The programme was 16 stages, 50 bands, with every music taste catered for. At 19:00pm the town was closed to all traffic. The town was alive with people. Music lovers were out in force, swopping from stage to stage.

On Stage 16 : MIDRAN opened the show, and, unfortunately, had to suffer a few drops of rain during opening two pieces. After their set of 45 minutes, they left the stage for STONECAST to perform, a heavy rock outfit from Marseille.

Then came the real heroes, the TOXXIC TOYZ, who came on once the crowd had been warmed up. A great performance, once again, by the boys. After 45 minutes, Arvi announces that the group have been asked to play a couple of additional pieces by KARSHON’s guitarist. Apparently KARSHON wanted to finish watching their mates’ performance on one of the other stages. So the TOXXICs announce that they would do an OZZY number which just ignites the crowd. The crowd then goes even wilder when they announce that they will perform a rendition of MEGADETH. Surprisingly, a member of the audience then shouts if he can sing this number with them on stage. The song starts, the crowd goes crazy once again and then he performs the next hit by IRON MAIDEN which is brilliant!!! A big thanks to Alex for his incredible performance.

Then KARSHON finally close this eventful evening at the 10th Spring Music Festival. Midnight comes, darkness ensues, but the atmosphere is still buzzing. The masses then depart to try and find their cars, parked somwhere around the town.

Soon, some pictures..

A special thanks goes to Jeremy from MIDRAN, STONECAST and also Benoit and Benjamin from KARSHON for all their help and creating such a fantastic atmosphere on stage 16.


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