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Metalsilvae Wordpress (USA)     presse du 11 octobre 2010
Date : oct. 2010
Site : http://metalsilvae.wordpress.com/
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This is an extremely powerful sophemore album for a band that has been around playing the French scene since 2003. Toxxic Toyz brand of music is a blending of extremely aggressive heavy rock and melodic power metal with great technical proficiency, tendencies and great song writing, Vocalist David Mcbee’s voice fits this music perfectly, he’s got a raw attitude basted in melody that brings listening accessibility, lyrically this album is screaming to the sleeping masses of the world not aware that their becoming slaves to the new world order, wake up, it’s now or never, wake up you sheeple, it’s TIME TO WAKE UP and reclaim your freedom.

The freedom of the mind, the freedom of independent thought freedom of our spirit to rise above the corporate media’s calculated social programing.

This band believes in the raw rock attitude of no keyboard embellishments, it’s in your face and it’s all good. The songs clock in between 5-7 minutes in length without getting boring due to the bands ability to blend old school riffs into more up-tempo technical and aggressive mature structures.


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