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Metallian 52     presse du 27 June 2008
Site : METALLIAN n┬░52 Juillet 2008
Date : 27 juin 2008
Sujet : F.E.A.R.
Chroniqueur : Yann Conraux

New album for our Nišois of Toxxic Toyz who made first of all an effort on the visual.

This new offering provides a sound heavy metal muscular typed `80 years, but certainly felt good.

The third and riffs sometimes very powerful and most modern share the eleven tracks on FE.AR "Killing Dreams" is a mix of arpÚges guitars and sharp and it is representative alone possibilities of musical combo. A vocalist timbre interesting fact honorable work on the entire album despite its emphasis "franchouillard" not always the most beautiful effect.

The Toxxic Toyz know give pride of the guitars but do not hesitate to go to more AOR ( "Pretty Baby").

In the end, Toxxic Toyz failing to do in the brilliant, well done things like it or not!


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