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Dangerdog (USA)     presse du 10 October 2010
Date: Oct. 2010
Author: Craig Hartranft
Website: http://www.dangerdog.com/
Source: http://www.dangerdog.com/2010-music...

When receiving notice for the Toxxic Toyz EPK for their sophomore album, Mutation, my first impression was, ’Is this a glam band and, if so, what’s it doing on Lance King’s Nightmare Records? Well, France’s Toxxic Toyz is not a glam band by any means, and Mutation is some serious blend of melodic heavy rock with European power metal. Actually, using those two genres barely scratches the surface when describing Toxxic Toyz. Yet, there was still something perplexing, even uncomfortable, about Mutation.

Mutation can be eminently inspiring and then equally disturbing. Racing the Clock, Chaos, and the eloquently sublime In the Garden are songs that propel TT’s inventive genius, and add to the mystery of their style. Then Innocent Blood and The Plague cause you to scratch your head. And I don’t mean in confusion of genres, but in the sense of, why so ordinary? But, this does not truly give Toxxic Toyz their proper due since within even these songs there’s creative beauty. Frankly, they’re darn interesting.

We usually reserve perplexity or consternation, depending upon your mood, to progressive music. But why not the field of basic melodic heavy rock and metal. Then I guess you could ask, Is Mutation some sort of progressive rock/metal hybrid. Have I confused you yet? Reasons for Our Fall is genuine melodic, and very catchy, heavy rock/metal; then the title cut Mutation offers something between melodic and prog rock. And you can go forth, examine every song, and find real substance.

Excusing their goofy name, Toxxic Toyz offers some genuine intrigue and entertainment. Mutation requires more than a simple single spin to appreciate. Very recommended.


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