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Obliveon(Deutchland)     presse du 26 June 2008
Website: OBLIVEON (http://www.obliveon.de)
Date: June 2008
Author: Sbr
Note: 7/10
Source: http://www.obliveon.de/pn-om/module...

Also on the French Riviera, precisely in Nice, forged metal. The domestic Toxxic there Toyz succeeds with its first to Ed Repka (including Evil Dead) Art Work angelehnten attention to erheischen. However, these far from the French representative assigned to thrash. The roughly 10 original compositions on the debut "FEAR" is based on the classic metal, in particular the NWoBHM, the Eighties hard rock, a modern variant thereof - Guns `n` Roses are particularly cited - and a related progressive influence. Melodies are quite big, while the main focus during the instrumental phases, however, I believe in the progressive area. And it is precisely because we are the largest shortcoming in Combo, while singer and guitarist Arvi simultaneously serving micro and strings is the Metal / rock mix mostly quite pleasant, but his singing, so many of the instrumental and solo passages Although quite complex, very often, however, to bieder little captivating and easy. A fact that the Mediterranean coastal residents in the next disc - as well as to nennende not perfect production - should be off to more music from the midfield to emerge.

Due to the above-mentioned shortcomings, there is my side first seven points. Prog-lovers still lay at least half a point on it.


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