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RedDevil concert summary     news du 13 April 2005

There are days like that, days when it’s hellish. Two days after the flood of one of the rehearsal premises, after two too short nights to save what it was possible, after to cross electronics ware in the hairdryer, we say ourselves that a concert was the solution to have fun. And indeed, no:
-  Duration of the concert limited in 30mn (it was foreseen but it is so short)
-  Bad sound configuration
-  Firm encouragements of the organizers not to make too much noise (!!!)
-  Power cut of 10mn in the middle of the performance
-  No participations in benefits of the evening
-  No fun spirit.

The band plays for the pleasure, nevertheless when you make gain money to people, you appreciate that these persons are welcoming...

Fortunately, the public was there and conerct allow to meet musicians. Then when such a bad adventure arrives, the important is to keep its fun, to think of the public present. Next stage will be better, it will be the good one!

Thus, come numerous to the next concert!

Pictures of the concert


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