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Tremplin Découverte Istres     news du 16 November 2007

Open to all parts of the PACA region, organized by Springboard Discovery Factory for 6 years, offers amateurs can happen on stage in professional conditions. A rate of 2 concerts a month, the selected groups will present their compositions’ live ’before a jury composed of professionals (press, radio, musicians, managers rooms ....). In addition to recording a CD and the printing of posters, Springboard officials would do everything possible to offer the winner a tour of the various rooms in the region. Over the seasons, the Discovery Springboard has become a benchmark in the region, by the quality of its plateaus, organization, hospitality, but also by the assurance of a career track (CAD project, residences , newspapers, radio ....), though the group winner meets all conditions.

On 19/02/2008, TOXXIC TOYZ will share the scene with groups Rescue Rangers (Marseille) and Rocco Mecanic (Menton). Come to support them!!

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