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St RaphaŽl live report!!!     presse du 15 March 2007

POLO, reporter for ZONE METAL shares his impressions about the TOXXIC TOYZ concert in Saint RaphaŽl :

"TOXXIC TOYZ started playing at about 9pm when all eyes were turned to the set. It’s not hard to imagine that this band has a huge guitar sound. It can smack you in the head like a tidalwave of joy. It was then that I understood that I was staring at genuine musicians, rich with past experiences and who have but one goal: give us the best of their music.

Without a doubt, TOXXIC TOYZ was able to give us a trumendous musical gift that sparkles in our ears. Right from the first song, I had the feeling that this band is in constant search of melody, which is very nicely done in voice and guitar parts.

However, TOXXIC TOYZ is perhaps wrongly categorized as a metal prog band, because their music is (in my point of view) a very melodic heavy-metal with appealing riffs and harmonies. I can only imagine what their new album will be with a big production that will blow everybody’s brain, and I hope they’ll make it. The show lasted for more than an hour, with very long song to end it.

If there is one thing to remember from this show of skills, it is that TOXXIC TOYZ has always wanted to be a bigger part of the metal scene, and that’s what they did ..."

Thank you POLO, for this nice report, and see you at the next show.


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