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Come on and listen some extracts of our music. Then do not hesitate to come to our concerts and to write to us at contact@toxxictoyz.com.

Title Description Online Date
Worth Gold
Album MUTATION, 2010 18 June 2010
Innocent Blood
Album MUTATION, 2010 7 February 2010
Broken Mirror
Album FEAR, 2007 14 November 2008
Evil’s Face
Album FEAR, 2007 25 September 2007
Magic Kingdom
Album FEAR, 2007 25 September 2007


Title Description Online Date
KAOS Clip 01 février 2013
Magic Kingdom Live à Perpignan 21 juin 2008
Broken Mirror Live à Perpignan 21 juin 2008
Magic Kingdom Live à Peymeinade 01 sept. 2007
Leave me Alone Live à St-Raphael 10 mars 2007

Available Soon.

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